Art that speaks a thousand words

I remember as a little kid the first time a drawing spoke to me. I was in Charleston west Virginia at my step aunts house and her son had done a pencil sketch of a broken light bulb. I knew instantly what it was as the rest of my family puzzled over it. The first thing that came to mind upon looking at it was broken thoughts . failed ideas. It was then that I realized art is made of a thousand words. It tells a story that either the artist can tell you or you can tell your own story off the first emotion you feel from viewing the art in front of you. Since that light bulb moment as a child I have since viewed art in new eyes . I now view everything I see with storytelling eyes. One picture tells me a million different stories as I study every detail in what I’m looking at. Even the colors in a picture play its own part in the tell it weaves this making the art all the more intriguing to me

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